Hello and welcome!

Hello! Welcome to my new space. I've been wanting to create a space where I can share my thoughts, favourite things, fashion and style, beauty and just about anything and everything! Why haven't I done so in the last 7 years you ask? I haven't because of nerves. But I recently turned 23 and it's time to be a grown up and conquer my fear!

My name is Chelsea Lanthier and I grew up/live in Ottawa, Canada.. As I said I just turned 23 on the 18th of December. I'm a hairstylist during the day and a new puppy wrangler at night (my puppy Zoey is a menace but I couldn't imagine a life without her now)

I recently purchased my first house! As scary as it is to now have a mortgage it was a necessary step in the right direction.

With the new year coming and so many new things happening in my life it just seemed like the perfect time to start this new life of blogging.

So stay tuned for my first official post coming later this week!

Until then!


  1. this is so awesome. continue following your passion. and thankyou for doing such a wonderful job yesterday. my hats off to you. from one artist to another ;)
    Danny mioduszewski


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