Suppose I Never Ever Met You, Suppose we Never Fell in Love

Do you ever see an item of clothing and immediately say "I don't care I'm getting that right now" 

That's what this top is for me. I mean come on! It's gingham, cropped, off the shoulder and has bunny ties on the sides. How can it get any better than that! 

I saw this item on a haul video by fashion goddess Rachel Martino and immediately ordered it off Asos. At less than $40cnd how can you say no?? 

I have to say I'm the worst online shopper ever, or maybe the best depending on how you see it. I can spend hours upon hours looking through sites like Asos, Boohoo or Modcloth, fill my basket or my wish list and then exist before purchasing anything because I have so much buyers remorse. But only when purchasing online. If I'm in a store I have no problem dropping a pretty penny on a new dress or top. But that little bit of shipping they ask you do pay? Forget about it! I'm sure I'm not the only person like this but I just don't want to wait for my item to arrive so I rarely actually purchase things online. Plus looking through the racks with your friends is much more exciting than just ordering things online.

To each their own though! 

Do you prefer shopping in stores or online? 


Chelsea Alyssa 


  1. I am so bad at shopping online AND in store. Online, I fear items not fitting, not looking good when tried on, etc. so I usually don't buy online unless I know for sure I want that item and willing to endure the normally lengthy exchange process. In store, I force myself to try on things I normally wouldn't pick up (in hopes to expand my wardrobe beyond black/white) and I have found this pays off sometimes. There are times I shop in store and spend a good amount of time looking, trying on, debating, only to put everything away in the end and buy nothing. It's soooo frustrating sometimes!

  2. I'm a total online shopper. I'm addicted! LOL! Love the top on you!

  3. I'm just getting into wanting to shop online for clothing. Sizing is weird for my body, so the sizes online may not work for me when I receive it.


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