Hello Summer

     Happy (few days late) summer solstice you guys! It's so wonderful being able to come home from work, walk my dog, make dinner, catch up on shows i'm watching and have it still be light out by the time I'm done. Winter makes me a little depressed, so when summer rolls around I try to soak up as much sun and fun activities as possible. Just last Thursday, I went to the polo in the park event at Wesley Clover park. It was a blast! There was so much bread, cheese and wine that I wouldn't be opposed to living in the VIP tent, haha. I sat with a wonderful group of ladies from Three Wild Women (above is a dress from their shop, isn't is so darling? ). Also, believe it or not, one of my clients from the salon was there too! We all watched the media polo competition which they made look way easier than i imagine it is!

     The best part of it all though was the amount of dogs that were there! If you know me you know about my undying love of dogs, big and small. So when there was about 12-15  dogs aggressively wagging their tails in excitement, my heart soared and I knew I just HAD to play with them all. Pictured above is my lovely photographer Cara's dog,  Memphis. He sure is a dreamboat!

   The real event Polo event happens July 7th so stay tuned for more.

           Chelsea Alyssa


  1. Hey! Hope you are doing great!
    I’ve nominated you for the ‘Friday Funday Challenge – Game On – You Name It! Tag!’
    Would love for you to participate. (PS – No compulsion tho!) 🙂
    Have a great day!!


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