Polo in the Park 2018

Hey dolls! Long time no talk! The other week I was given the amazing opportunity to spend the day at Wesley clover park for the Polo in the Park Ottawa 2018 event. Let me tell you, it’s so much if you’re able to bring a group, definitely consider going next year. 

The event started at 11:00 and right away you’re surrounded by so much fun, activities and positive attitudes. Not to mention so many cute horses! 

The first scheduled event was the dog training course. Police dogs in training were brought to show us their tricks, while proudly standing tall and wagging their tails so fast you’d think they might fall off! 

Next we enjoyed the most delicious buffet lunch including a make your own salad bar. Which was followed by the cutest tea party with scones and strawberry shortcake! Yum! 

The polo match started late afternoon and who knew it could be so excited! 
The two teams competing, boys vs. girls, did such an amazing job playing, not that I had too much idea how to play, the game was exciting and easy to get into! In the end after many trots back and forth, the men won! I was cheering for my ladies but it was a fair game.

The event was so wonderful because all proceeds from the event went to wounded warriors, an organisation that helps war veterans, Canadian armed forces members, first responders, and their families with mental illness. 

This wonderful event and cause has become an annual charity event so make a note of it and keep an eye out for the 4th annual Polo in the Park 2019 

       Chelsea Alyssa


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