I’m So Glad To Live In A World Where There Are Octobers

    I'm so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers. I've never read truer words about autumn. It's such a calm time of year. I find people are more generous and magical things always happen in autumn/winter. My favourite part of fall so far are doing photo-shoots with my girls in the leaves and parks here in Ottawa. Every blogger ( who doesn't live in an Instagram worthy city) knows that it can be really tricky to find a good backdrop for photos. However, there are those few precious weeks where its cool enough for sweaters and bare legs, where the leaves are changing to beautiful shades of crimson, canary, and burnt orange and, where almost every spot in the city becomes the loveliest backdrop you've ever seen.

This skirt has to be one of my favourites because it works for any time of year. I especially love it for autumn because of the bright red, it really compliments the fall colour palette. It's also one of my very favourite colours to wear.; shoes, coats, nail polish, lipstick, if its red i'll wear it!

Whats your favourite colour to wear in autumn?

           Chelsea Alyssa


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