Let Go Of Yesterday

So they say, hair makes up 80% of your beauty. When you’re blessed with perfect locks of wavy hair with not a single hair out of place, you don’t need to worry about that. Now for the rest of us, our hair can make or break our confidence. I know that every person on the planet has had a bad haircut, and you know how crappy it makes you feel afterwards until it grows out. Once, I got my bangs cut and they were cut too short (totally taking blame for this I forced her even though she said I shouldn’t), and my cowlick stuck straight out in the front of my forehead and they were too short to pin up with bobby pins. A very frustrating few weeks. 

My new haircut, a shaggy 70’s mop top, has given me a new found confidence. When the cut was finished and I put on my glasses, the first thing I thought was, “this is me, this is how I’ve always seen myself” it’s amazing how looking your best on the outside can make you feel like the best version of yourself on the inside and it just gives you that boost you needed to pick you back up! 


Chelsea Alyssa 


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