Whatever is Good for your Soul, Do That

Hey my loves! Life has been so crazy that I’ve neglected my favourite things, blogging and you guys! But I’m here now, I’m back and I’m ready to get into the full swing of things! 

So let’s play catch up, how are you? How are your animals? Everyone’s good? Fantastic! 

I do actually have some exciting news to share! I will be going wedding dress shopping next weekend and I literally CANNOT wait. I’m so oblivious with what style or look I’m going to go with, so I’m just going to go in with a smile and an open mind and hopefully I’ll be able to say yes to the dress! I’ll be posting some clips and highlights of the dresses over on my Instagram so make sure you’re following @chelseaalyssas to see some of the beautiful wedding dresses available now! 
Until next time babes! 


Chelsea Alyssa


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