Monday: Nothing a Dress Wouldn't Fix


Do you ever walk in to a store and immediately gravitate to one thing? You walk in and your eye captures a little sparkle in the back corner of the store and suddenly, in a trance you're walking over to scope it out. That was me with this garment not once but twice! Now I say garment because get this! It's actually a skirt. TWICE I saw this skirt and TWICE I thought it was a cute strapless dress with a tie under the bust! 

Unfortunately when I found out it was a skirt I realized that as a skirt it would be huge on me. There goes my dream of owning a piece of clothing that can be both! 

   I'm thrilled I bought it anyway and wore it as a dress cause it's super darling and pairs so well with a lot of shoes and bags in my collection. 

I'm about to go on vacation in a couple days and can't wait to share all the fun stuff we do with you guys! Blog post about my upcoming trip to Quebec City will be here in the near future! If anyone has any recommendations of places I should go to or eat at while I'm there, I'd be very appreciative! 


Chelsea Alyssa 


  1. Enjoy Quebec City!! You always look so gorgeous!

    I hear La Buche Glacée is amazing :)


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