She Acts like Summer & Walks like Rain


Hey queens! Hope all of you are enjoying your summers! If you live in Ottawa you know the struggle of waiting for summer to start yet it's already the middle of August SO?? This summer has been a humid rainy mess but I'm trying not to let it get me down. This summer so far has actually been quite an exciting one for me blogger wise from meeting new bloggers to hosting an Instagram takeover with a local mall, Place D'Orleans I was asked awhile back to participate in a fashion show that happened last weekend and it was so much fun spending time with some beautiful girls who share the same love of blogging and fashion as I do. We all got along so well and I'll be insta storying our blogger brunch tomorrow so keep those eyes peeled for that! It also helped me reconnect with my not real life cousin Coralie who I hadn't seen in months! She shot this look for me and I love them! I've finally found my person who'll stay and shoot 5000+ pictures at no cost just to get the right shot!

There will be lots more posts coming soon as I wait for the photos from another shoot as well as from the photographer at the fashion show!

I'm wearing this darling yellow lace dress from h&m (only $30!!) and I paired it with these brown cutout, heeled sandals to complete the look! Feeling very southern belle in this cute outfit!

What have you gotten up to this summer?


Chelsea Alyssa


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