Cold Child in the City


It's officially holiday season!! At least in my mind it is. For me November 1st marks the start of Christmas songs, baking, decorating and all things holiday fun! Every year my friends and people everywhere get so excited for Halloween and as fun as that is, nothing gets me quite as excited as the Christmas season! Coffee shops bring out their holiday drinks and treats, the malls decorate with garland and the whole feeling changes to joy and warmth! 

What's great about the start of holiday season is the amount of sales they have! This dress I purchased at dynamite for, wait for it, $10! Yes TEN dollars! How? I don't know! But I saw it and knew right away, I need this dress, it pairs so well with this faux leather jacket, and would look so cute with some nylons, flats and a cream winter coat. 

What's your favourite thing about the holiday season?!


Chelsea Alyssa 


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