You're like my Strawberries, Sometimes you're Bitter, Sometimes you're Sweet

I've always been a very colourful person and lately I've felt like I've really been pulling away and wearing more neutral tones as opposed to making an effort to put an outfit together. So I've been trying to pick up a couple brighter and fun pieces to have as staples in my wardrobe. This red, cold shoulder linen dress is from winners and it's so light weight! It's super easy to throw on and look complete and at the same time it's easy breezy!

This day I was wearing it to shoot with fellow blogger Kay Doyle, whom I must say is the most supportive photographer and just the sweetest! But also to celebrate my grandmothers birthday. She turned 76 and has the spunk and personality of a 25 year old! Funniest (and a mildly inappropriate) lady you could ever meet!

I definitely get my love for fashion from my nana. From her love of expensive linen pieces to her snake skin pants there's nothing this woman isn't brave enough to wear! She's such an inspiration and I hope to be as cool as her when I get to be a grandmother her!

Let me know who your style icon is below!


Chelsea Alyssa


  1. Your outfit is so cute! I love the red lip as well.


  2. You are too sweet! Had a blast shooting with you!

    And you were killing it in that dress! Strawberry Fields 4evah <3


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