Happy Birthday To Ya! : 24

Twenty four. Not a big number but for me feels like too much of an adult! Monday the 18th was my 24th birthday and boy was it one of the books! A huge thank you to all my friends and family who came out to make me feel special! 

On the Sunday night myself, Tim and 9 of my closest friends met up at Bier Markt for dinner and drinks! The food is spectacular! Tim and I shared a Swiss cheese fondue and it was incredible! Then again when is hot gooey cheese and bread not incredible. My photographer friend Finn, brought me what I consider to be one of the most thoughtful gifts I could think of. He brought me a pack of Polaroid film and his camera so I could instantly capture the moments. No editing, no "can you take one more I don't look good", just raw moments memorialized in a Polaroid that I know I'll cherish forever. 

The morning of my actual birthday we got up and went to Baker Street Cafe, my favourite breakfast spot. With posters or Led Zeppelin and the Beatles taped to walls and the best darn breakfast potatoes how could it not be? Oh and did I mention they make delicious cinnamon buns the size of your head that you can take home? Needless to say when hunger strikes for lunch time, that's what I immediately gravitated towards. 

Next, we went back home to pick up my baby Goose, and headed to pets mart to pick up dog toys to donate to the pups that don't have a furever home for Christmas and went around to say hi to all the cats and dogs. Goose wasn't as thrilled to be there as he recognized that he'd been there before and was anxious we'd leave him there so he wouldn't stop crying. Poor boy. 

After that we picked up my Nana and went to my parents for shrimp red Thai curry and lemon poppyseed cheesecake all homemade by my lovely mother!  I got a keeper for sure. 

Needless to say, anyone who knows me knows I love birthdays, mine or otherwise, but this one was very special to me and I'll always remember. 


Chelsea Alyssa 


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