Rockin Around the Christmas Tree: 2017

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! Christmas has come and gone! It's been another successful year of shopping, baking, family, friends and Christmas specials! It's without a doubt my favourite time of year and this year I was spoiled rotten to the point where I said, enough gifts!! Though I'm very appreciative of all that I received. 

This year was particularly special because this is Tim and my 3rd Christmas together and the first time he's come to my parents house for the holiday. Usually he has to work so we got very lucky this year! He loved our Christmas and I'm thrilled about that because it's very important for me.

First thing in the morning (I slept over) before anyone was awake or come over, I got up and cut up bread and peeled carrots making sure there was less on the to-do list for later. Once my sister, Amanda and my brother, Jordan, got there we all opened our stockings. Every year we all sit on my parents bed and laugh and make jokes and open stockings, then we went down stairs and opened gifts. 

We had everyone over for dinner, (all 14 of us) and drinks. It was really nice spending time with my family. Since I don't live at home, I don't get to see my grandparents as much as I'd like to, even though we live in the same city. All our jobs can get in the way of quality time. 

I wanna hear all about your Christmases! Tell me below! 

Chelsea Alyssa


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