Farewell to 2017: Year in Review

2017. Oh 2017 you were full of ups and downs but the ups were amazing so all in all I'd say it was a rather fantastic year. 

1. I started off the year going to Cuba! It was my first time going, and spending 7 days around the pool with my mom and sister,  (eating, drinking and reading) was just the perfect way to kick off the new year! 
2. I moved out my house I bought with my sister and into an apartment. I loved my house and my dog but it financially was draining me.
3. Tim and I moved in together! Yay! We always wanted to live in an apartment downtown and now that we do, it's everything I've wanted and more! So close to everything, in the summer I would walk everywhere and now that it's winter I take the bus outside the apartment, super easy to get everywhere!
4. We adopted Goose! The only thing missing after we moved downtown was having a loving dog. So when Goose pretty much fell into our lap we immediately said yes without even thinking and took him in as a foster me first dog before officially adopting him in July! 
5. We went to Quebec City for our 2 year anniversary! It's no secret that Tim and I love Quebec City. He took me there after we'd only been dating for 3 months and I fell in love with this city! 
6. I turned 24! I'm proud to say there were no tears! This birthday was honestly my favourite off all birthdays. Everyone I invited actually showed up! Which for any of you mid December babies know how hard it is to wrangle a group together a week before Christmas!

So those are my most memorable moments of 2017! Come on 2018, can we top this? We can try!


Chelsea Alyssa 


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