Style is a Way to Say Who You Are Without Having to Speak

Finding your own style 

It's so easy to find a blogger you like and completely copy their exact outfit. Especially with apps like and Instagram. But the question is do you like their style or do you like them as a blogger/person/influencer that draws you more and more to be exactly like them, looks wise. I'm gonna share my tips on how to find your style and be yourself. 

1. First and foremost the most important thing about individual style is confidence. Let's say you see this amazing dress with laser cutouts and patterns and you think "wow that's the coolest dress I've ever seen, but I could never pull it off." Just with that thought, no you couldn't pull it off because the outfit would be screaming and you'd be whispering. You want to wear your garments, don't let your garment wear you.  

2. Find out what you like. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but don't take it too far. You like someone's hair cut? Go for it. You like a top they wore? Buy it. Just don't get lost in trying to copy completely because you'll end up losing your personal sense of style and only know how to copy+paste from one person onto you. 

3. Try it on. Always try it on no matter what! You'll never know what style flatters your figure until you try it on. Once you know how to dress your body, finding your personal style will be much more simple. 

       Chelsea Alyssa 


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