She Loves in Colour

Oh spring! Have you finally arrived?? Man I hope so, I'm so tired of having to wear boots and a coat that my inspiration for fashion has been dwindling. This day however was a beautiful and sunny day that had me, and I'm sure everyone, looking forward towards summer. 

In order to get out of my gloomy mood I decided to pick out some of my favourite pieces from my closet and wear them all together! Whenever I'm having a bad day, my favourite pick me up is a colourful or pattern clashing look. For this look I paired a wrap style boyfriend button down from Zara with this beautiful floral skirt I found at winners. This has to be one of my favourite types of outfits! 

If you guys want a guide on how I pair patterns together, let me know below and I'll put together a look book either here or on my Instagram! 


Chelsea Alyssa


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