A Tropical State Of Mind

Do you ever feel that your city is boring? You don’t have the cobble stone streets of Quebec City, the shining lights of New York, the stunning monuments of London and Paris, or the beautiful wall art of LA. 

As much as I love living in Canada’s capital it has very few ‘fashion blogger approved ‘ locations. However, I’ve been on a mission lately to find those hidden corners of Ottawa that make it on that list.  A spot I’d like to share with you is the exotic gardens at the experimental farm. It’s a dome of tropical flowers and plants that are so beautifully curated that you feel as though you’re no longer in Ottawa. My favourite was a baby orange tree that was planted in the back, tiny oranges hanging on the branches. 

This is just one of the many hideaways Ottawa has to offer and I’m sure to find more. When I do, you’ll be able to find them all here on be blog! 

Do you have any gems where you live? 


Chelsea Alyssa


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