It's Always Better When We're Together

Is it just me or is this year the year of weddings and engagements? In the next few months we'll have gone to 4 weddings this year alone. Not to mention the wedding i went to last October and another coming up February 2019!

I'm so happy to have been invited to celebrate so many my friends, as well as Tim's friends weddings. I love being able to dress up to the nines and actually having something important to attend. I mean, I'll always dress up, even if it's just to go grab a coffee, I'm typically dress and heels to go. Although i try not to leave the house without a pair of flats or slides, beauty sometimes isn't worth the pain of blistered feet and toes. I can't even imagine the poor bride after she takes off those heels after dancing all night, she definitely deserves a relaxing honeymoon after that.

This look is inspired by what i wore to a wedding a few weeks back. Same shoes, clutch, makeup and hair, only thing different is the dress, and the only difference is the one i wore was lace. either way i love the vibes of this look. Stay tuned for more wedding guest looks throughout the year.

                          Chelsea Alyssa


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