Summer in the City

Summa time!! Can you believe it's already summer? Feels like we were just pulling out our boots and hats getting ready to brave the winter! Don't get me wrong I love the winter season (Christmas mostly) but there's something so lovely and romantic about summer that I may have to say it's my favourite season. From multiple ice cream cones to beach days and picnics, can't ask for a better time. 

This day In particular was a blast, although I spent most of it alone I really enjoyed myself. I started out by walking from my apartment, down Elgin to the Rideau centre. I always love walking down Elgin because there's so many little shops to explore from unique clothing to handmade jams and homeware. 

I made a stop at my favourite coffee place, The Ministry of Coffee, and got myself an iced latte and one of there delicious kale salads. If you get the chance to try one I highly recommend it! 

Then I made my way onwards to the Rideau centre to check out a few shops before heading down bank to Black Squirrel Books for a shoot with Kamara. I stopped by a new boutique called All Dolled Up and if you get a chance to check it out I highly suggest you do. They have darling vintage & rockabilly inspired dresses, cute full skirts and so many accessories you get lost looking at them all! 

It was my first time working with her and she is so lovely to work with. She gives you the confidence to get the right photo. It was so much fun and already looking forward to my next shoot with her coming up next week! 

I think that's really important for a photographer to make the model feel comfortable. Otherwise the photos will look still and staged which makes for a not so great look. So just have fun with it! The more you let go the better it turns out! 


Chelsea Alyssa 


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