The Last Move of the Year

We're finally all moved in! Not that the place is immaculate or completely set up but it's really coming along. We moved in a week ago today (boy time flies), and it already feels like home. Last Monday was just awful weather, pouring rain and cold. Clearly not ideal weather for moving but we powered through with the thought of pizza on its way to say thank you for those who helped us move. 

My dad helped me wrap up all my furniture including the mattress in a thick plastic and the rain still managed to soak through! Luckily we moved early enough in the day that by bedtime it was dry enough to sleep on. And boy we're we ready to sleep!

So thankful to have great family and friends to help me move after this being my third and final move in a year! 

Here's a little sneak peak of my current favourite area in the house, the kitchen nook. It's small, cute and quaint. Just perfect for two crazy kids pretending to be adults! Or maybe it's the other way around! 

More to come when it's all set up! 


Chelsea Alyssa 


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