Falling for Florals- an autumn guide to fashion

I'm so excited for fall weather to start creeping out I'm squealing! Fall is such a magical time with all the big cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything, smells of clove and cinnamon and long crisp walks in the crunchy leaves. My favourite thing about fall though has to be the style change. All of a sudden people start packing away their light airy fabrics and exchanging them for something a bit more snugly.

The one thing though that doesn't change with the season is my love for a great floral print. It's such a versatile print that no matter the outfit or time of year I can always find a way to fit it in to my wardrobe. So here's three floral patterns I like to incorporate in to my wardrobe during autumn.

1. The dark monochrome

I love a great dark monochrome floral look! It's basically a dark base typically with a slightly lighter coloured floral. This look is perfect for the girl looking to dip their toes into the world of flowers because it's not as punchy as some of the other floral prints. This super sweet wrap dress is from dynamite and I paired it with black booties from Hudson's Bay Company for a super cute fall look.

2. The full bright floral 

Unlike the first outfit this one is much more rich toned and popping with colour! This type of floral print has a bold background and complementary florals. Great for anyone comfortable with a fun floral print. This has to be my favourite of the three outfits because it's so bright and fun but has a great depth to it that makes it super autumn appropriate!

3. The bold background 

I love this look! The subtlety of the sparse floral against the depth of a bold background not only makes this look fun and flirty but also very transitional from summer to fall, office to drinks. The thing I love most about this floral is how easy it is to pair with a fun bag and/or shoes! To make this look into a more late fall look I'd add a suede moto jacket and some statement booties for an extra fun


  1. Oh man, that red dress is so gorgeous on you! I love this trend for fall!


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