Love Was Made for Me and You

Tim and I celebrated our anniversary about 2 weeks back and due to unfortunate circumstances I wasn't able to post this until today. However it doesn't make this any less meaningful or true. 

An open letter to my love. 

My dearest Tim, boy oh boy have we had some crazy ups and crazy downs these last two years, from dealing with the quarter life crisis, to my diagnoses of a severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder and medication adjustments. You have been the most patient and kind partner through all the rough patches trying to understand what I'm going through. 

Do you remember our first trip to Quebec City and how much fun we had? That was our first trip together ever it was just amazing! From all the burgers we ate to the photos and having the Von Trapp grandchildren caroling just outside our hotel room. 

Remember the first time you told me you loved me? In the Byward Market after we shared a chicken and Swiss panini. I could tell you were nervous but I didn't know why because I loved you back. 

Remember all the times we laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed? 

Remember all our trips to Toronto and Montreal and our attempts to stay at Airbnbs? Some were good and some were not so good ( the one above the bar with the vomit at the door) haha!

Remember all the movies we saw? Especially the horror ones where one of us would have to comfort the other because it was just a little too freaky! 

Remember those long walks we'd take in summer and fall? Sometimes on purpose and sometimes from taking a wrong turns, but it didn't matter because that just meant we got to see more dogs along the way!

Remember all those late nights of cooking in your dad's kitchen after work? We wouldn't get to eat until 10:00 pm but I didn't care because we'd have so much fun making jokes and dancing around with your dogs. 

Though not all the times have been so great I wouldn't change it for the world. You make me a better person and for that I could never repay you. Thank you for being you. I love you. Happy anniversary! 


 Chelsea Alyssa 

Ps; thank you for breathing! 


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