I am an architect of things that haven't happened yet

It's snowing again in Ottawa, longing for sunshine and days with no coats!
What a fun day this was! I had the great opportunity to meet up with Rosie from Secondhand-rose and she's as sweet as you'd think, (go give her a follow on Instagram @rosiexwaugh). We met up at the Nordstrom Ebar café for some delicious coffee drinks. I got a decaf nonfat latte, and as boring as that sounds, it was really quite yummy! 

We then did a bit of shopping at Zara and Sephora, using up the last bits of my gift cards from Christmas. (They have great deals right now!) Proceeded by taking some awesome photos out in the market courtyard in the glistening snow and we had a blast! It was really nice making a new friend as well as knowing someone to show me the ropes on the blogger thing. 

The weather has really cooled off now so I'll have to wait to get more photos in the snow. For now I'll stick to drinking tea and having cuddles with my pup Zoey! 



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