Rain, I don't mind, Shine, the weather's fine

Winter is such a tricky season to dress for when living in Ottawa. It snows overnight and warms up during the day so you're left with slushy street to stomp around in. So the question is; rain boots or snow boots?

This year in particular has been especially tricky as it's normally -25 around this time of year but all season we've been hovering around the 0°c mark.

But hey! I'm not complaining, the less layers the better for me. A simple sweater and jacket is perfect for me without having to put on a giant parka to keep you from freezing your bum off!

This day in particular turned the city into an ice sculpture with all day freezing rain which is why we decided to find a spot inside to shoot. We came across this perfect  little nook beside a giant window with tons of natural light, (thanks Simons!)

We spent the rest of the day eating yummy sandwiches and drinking decaf lattes (and a not so decaf coffee for Tim)

Hopefully we'll get a bit of sunshine  this weekend!

         Chelsea Alyssa


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