A Day in the Life of Princess Zoey

I don't think there's anything I love more than dogs, maybe fashion but if I had to choose, dogs would take the cake! With Monday being family day Tim and I decided to have a dog themed day! We started out by taking my wonderful girl Zoey to Wag Cafe in the Glebe. A darling little cafe in which you can bring your dog to socialize or to relax with one of their specialty drinks ( I suggest a salted caramel iced latte, yum!). We were expecting a more quiet afternoon but it seems everyone had the same idea that day and it was busy to say the least. We quickly found a table then grabbed some drinks and allowed the passers by to greet Zoey. She was in doggy heaven with the amount of treats she got. If you live in Ottawa or are ever visiting I highly recommend this dog cafe! 

On a side note, the lovely people at Wag Cafe introduced me to a petition that's going on until February 28th to help repeal the ban on breed specific legislation in Ontario. This is a cause dear to my heart because my pup has some pitbull in her along with some other breeds and I can't imagine my life without this sweet girl. 

If you're interested in helping out our beloved 4- legged friends click here


After the cafe we decided to keep going with a walk and brought her alll around Landsdowne park. We found a remote little dog park away from the hustle in the corner with tons of pups of all breeds and sizes running around who quickly welcomed Zoey to run around with them. Once we noticed her starting to get tired we decided to head back to the car, but not before stopping at kettlemans bagels!  My favourite bagel shop in Ottawa with hot fresh bagels and more cream cheeses and spreads than you can imagine. 

Once we dropped Zoey off we decided to finish off your dog day at the theatre with A Dogs Purpose. If you decide to go see it make sure to bring plenty of Kleenex! I cried only about 7 times. I clearly have a soft spot for dog movies. 

Seen anything good lately? 

 Chelsea Alyssa 


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