My funny valentine


Happy Friday ladies and gents! Can you believe it's already February? I sure can't! But along with February comes the beloved holiday that is Valentine's Day. Cards, flowers, candies and lots of hugs and kisses are only a few things that surround this holiday. Most important to me other than the company I'm with is a killer Valentine's Day outfit! I'm not one to go to crazy wearing red from head to toe and a headband with heart antennae, (but if you are, you've got courage like nobody's business), I like to be a little more subtle with my look. For this look I paired a romantic black lace blouse from Zara with a white cotton skirt from h&m. The stark contrast of the two is a classic look in my opinion. To make it more holiday appropriate I wore a hot pink Michael kors and a red lip. I love the tiny accents in the look to make me look Valentine's ready.

This year in order to save money, my valentine and I will be having a cozy night in with a nice dinner, wine and maybe a few candies by the fireplace.

Let me know What your plans for the holiday are!

  Chelsea Alyssa


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