You make my dreams come true (oou oou oou oou oou oou)

To me Valentine's Day has never been a big deal. The flowers, the chocolate, it all seemed like a consumers holiday and an excuse to eat junk. This year however, I've had a change of heart. With all the busy days and schedules sometimes you don't have time to stop and appreciate what's in front of you. Having a day dedicated to your loved ones allows you to enjoy their company and tell them what they mean to you. I'm not sure why this year I've changed, maybe I'm busier this year, or maybe I just never had the right valentines until now. I don't want to make this a very sappy post but with all the ups and downs the last year and a half has brought I am so thankful to have him as my love and support system    


This year for Valentine's Day we had quite a normal day for us but it was packed with laughs and good conversations. We started off our date by having lunch at Artisin Bakery, our favourite place for the city's best samdwiches. We always get the same thing (so obviously you know it good), the  chicken ceasar toasted sandwich on jalepeño bread. Everything's made fresh and I highly recommend it! Next we hit The Ministry of Coffee, our favourite little coffee shop in Hintonburg for a delicious mid afternoon latte and café cortado. After coffee and sandwiches we ventured down the street to good ol Suzy Q doughnuts! My very favourite doughnut shop in Ottawa. They have such a variety of flavours and baked hot and fresh to eat in or to take with you to a friends. Once we stuffed ourselves with all the city's bests it was times to head home to my Zoey ( my 7 month old pitbull lab mix whom is the apple of my eye).

Once home we relaxed with some wine and then continued on to dinner. Tim made toasted sausage
Tortellini and I loved it so much I brought it to work the next day. The rest of the night  consisted of dog walks and master chef junior (I'm obsessed), before falling asleep early like the old granny I am! It was my best Valentine's Day this far. What was yours like? 


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