Breakfast with Pure Kitchen

Hey loves, as promised, I tried out the breakfast menu at Pure Kitchen and I'm here to tell you my thoughts.

If you don't know what Pure Kitchen is, it's a vegetarian (with gluten free/vegan options) restaurant that makes you forget there wasn't any meat in the joint with their delicious options and takes on everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

If you're a true Ottawan I can guarantee you've at least heard of this restaurant with it's every growing popularity and deliciously changing menu.

I've gone for lunch and dinner more times than I can remember for: cauliflower wings, loaded avocados, tofu and tempeh wraps and sandwiches, and of course the famous bowls. All of which are unforgettable.

This time however I went for breakfast and I have to say it's one of the best breakfasts I've had in a long while. I ordered a chocolate smoothie bowl filled with banana, coconut, pumpkins seeds and hemp hearts, with a side of avocado toast (TWO PIECES FOR $5!!!). It was incredibly delicious, fresh and inexpensive that I'll definitely be going back. Tim ordered the breakfast wrap, a tortilla filled with tomato, tofu scramble and coconut bacon. You know I had to try it and it highly competes with a bacon and egg wrap just without the grease.

Definitely check it on your next breakfast or brunch date. And don't  forget to try the pinapple mimosa!




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