Misconceptions of a Fashion Blogger


Before I started blogging I'd always look at my favourites and wonder how they have the effort to look so good all the time. How they're always spotlight ready no matter the day. Now that I'm a blogger I can understand how. Because sometimes, not always but sometimes, once the shoot is over, the comfy clothes come on. I did a shoot the other day and I was thinking about how I wanted to put my sweat pants on afterwards and watch a movie. 

It then occurred to me that I'm not strange, there has to be many more bloggers like me that get ready for the photo then go back home to get comfy and edit. I blog because I love fashion and I love you guys. So whether or not I'm putting on a "persona" I'm creating content to inspire not only you guys but also myself. 

There are also many and most days that I get ready for my day and stay dressed up for whatever I have planned whether it be coffee with friends or errands to run, I feel good being glammed up! Though you can't always be picture perfect ready, so sometimes a little extra effort to go out and take a good shot, is necessary. 


Chelsea Alyssa pr


  1. I seriously love this outfit! I love the floral top paired with that stunning lavender skirt! I wish I had the courage to wear tops like that. You rock it so well!


    1. Thanks so much!! You could definitely rock it!! Your kill it!


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