Rock Those Insecurities Girl!


When I was growing up I was a pretty chunky kid, and at 10 years old, all the other girls were wearing 2 piece bathing suits, short skirts with tank tops and overall very cute outfits. I wasn't aware at that time that to society being overweight was a bad thing, but I always wondered why my mom didn't want me to wear the same clothes as other girls my age. I was just happy and didn't really care about how I looked, I just wanted to do arts and crafts and play with my friends. As you get older you start to notice other people's hair, makeup, faces, bodies and compare your own to thiers. It really didn't affect me much until it took an unhealthy turn when I was in high school. I started skipping meals and only eating at night with my family. I'd say I'm not hungry in the morning and just throw out my lunch at school because I was too anxious to eat in front of other people. I highly believe it messed up my metabolism and I have a very hard time keeping weight off. I'm not here to have anyone feel sorry for me but I am here to say, girl you wear that crop top. You wear that cute dress. You wear those shorts. The outfit I'm wearing may not be the most flattering to my body shape but I feel cute and confident in it. So rock those insecurites this summer and don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear! 


Chelsea Alyssa


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