Here’s a dress of gold and blue, Sure was fun being good to you


This weekend I plan to be a little MIA. Reason being is it's COTTAGE WEEKEND. WOOHOO!

Last year I was invited by my boyfriend Tim and his friends (which at this point are now my friends too) to spend a weekend away at a 2 story cottage on the lake. It was a ton of fun, although would have been easier had it not been cool and raining. This year they're calling for true summer weather! 

So excited for BBQs, cocktails, s'mores (my first time trying them last year, I know... how?)  and lots of laughs with great friends. 

I find myself lately working a lot be it at my day job or with my blog recently as it's been taking off and it will be very nice to just spend some quality time with those who love and support me through and through. 

This outfit I felt was appropriate for this post as it's probably the cutest summery picnic look I own. Can't wait to share more exciting things with you all on the blog. 


Chelsea Alyssa 

Side note: I've partnered with Place d'Orleans mall and am hosting a takeover/ contest on their Instagram page! Go check out the original post where I introduce myself for contest rules and for your chance to win a $150 gift card to Place! Good luck loves! 


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