Style is a Way to Say Who You Are Without Having to Speak


One thing I love more than anything, rain or shine is the comfort and effortlessness of a dress. You put ONE item of clothing on and voila! You've got yourself a put together look. It works for casual events, office meeting, anything, a dress is your best friend. I definitely consider myself a lazy fashionista. Don't get me wrong I have days where I'm putting in the effort or combining the right pieces and accessorizing like nobody's business. But on a day to day basis, don't you get tired? I know I have days where I don't want to even wear clothes. If it was socially acceptable I'm sure a lot of people would walk around naked because what better outfit than your own skin? But since it's not, a dress will have to do for me! This little number I got from a lovely shop called Sylvie and Shimmy on queen street, Toronto. Everyone there is so kind and the pieces are amazing. If you're ever in that area, definitely check them out! 

What's your go to outfit that makes you feel rockin? 


Chelsea Alyssa 


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