Life is a Beautiful Ride.

This was probably one of my very favourite shoots I've ever done! I wish I had a bike like this growing up. Hot pink and girly! Here's a little fact about me, I've never owned my own bike, growing up as girl #2 in my household, I always received my sisters hand me downs. Which wasn't such a bad thing, but it would've been nice to own my own bike. 

Growing up we weren't a rich family. But I wouldn't say we were poor either. My parents did everything they could to give us a great childhood and though they didn't give us everything we wanted, we were quite spoiled with values and morals and taught how to be a good person. I'm very happy with how I was raised, even though punishments were a little abnormal (having to write 5 paragraph essays on why what we did was wrong.)

I feel as though, because we weren't overly spoiled with trips and material items, the times we did get stuff, we appreciated it and have fond memories of those exceptional times. 

What's your favourite childhood memory?


Chelsea Alyssa


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