Oh, Pretty Woman Walking Down the Street



What an eventful and exciting day! I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside an incredibly talented team to create a Victorian style, floral photoshoot. The Silver Rose was kind enough to let us use their beautiful parlour to create some amazing images. I was blessed with the opportunity to be the hairstylist for the team. There was such a great hardworking and excited energy all day that made for a lighthearted fun time. 

After the hair and makeup was completed at the photographers house (and we were all fixed with our coffees and water) we set out to The Silver Rose which is unfortunately closing down but the owners are just such a laugh! It was delightful to meet them. 

After all was said and done Kay (the stylist) and I went to shoot for our blog on which turned out to be a warm and sunny afternoon. Fin (the photographer) offered to shoot for us and these are a result of his amazing work! 

A big thank you to Kay, Fin, Tammy (makeup artist), and Megan Rose (model) for such an amazing opportunity! Go team!!


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