Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows

I'm a huge believer in the correlation between colour and mood. Depending on what colour you're wearing it can definitely affect your mood in positive or negative ways. I know I feel much happier and more optimistic wearing bright bold colours or patterns so no matter what my outfit is I always try to incorporate little pops of colour. Even if it's just as simple as a shoe or belt. As I'm sure some of you have noticed I'm a true lover of yellow. It's bright, it's fun and just an overall happy colour! As someone who suffers from GAD (a post will come on that at a later time) it's important to always try to look and feel your best! 

My mother is always asking me "why not just wear jeans and a t-shirt?" 

And I respond always with, it doesn't make me feel as comfortable as a nice skirt or dress, the better you look, the better you feel! 

How do you incorporate colour into your wardrobe? 



  1. So cute! I totally agree I also feel more comfortable in a dress than jeans. I don't even own jeans anymore.


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