Welcome to the Real World. It Sucks. You're Gonna Love it!

     Don't be fooled by my calm and happy demeanour in these photos, it was about -20 while we were shooting these photos for the blog, and even though Tim's fingers were about to fall off, he pushed through to get the good shots and i'm so thankful.

     Tim and I were meeting his mom for afternoon coffee at a cute little coffee shop in Beechwood  called Red Door Provisions. They have beautifully handmade lattes, homemade sandwiches and all the naughty treats you could imagine, with a range of gluten free choices for anyone with dietary restrictions.

   The reason we were meeting for coffee is because Tim and I signed for our first apartment and wanted to talk with her about it! We are both very excited as I've never lived in an apartment before and he hasn't moved out yet. It has been a bit of a stressful time but we're both really excited about it! And yes, there will be an apartment tour post on the blog once we get everything settled and furnished the way we want to.

    As soon as we signed the lease all I think of is "...and I have to live with a boy!" A famous line by our very own Monica Geller from Friends, one of my favourite shows. I've never lived with a boyfriend let alone even a boy who's a friend so it should be an interesting experience! I feel as though no matter the situation, there's always a line from an episode you can relate to it and that's why I adore the show so much.


Chelsea Alyssa


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