I'm in Love with Cities I've Never Been to Before


 Well it's happened! I've caught the travel bug! Usually I have a few trips planned for the year but this time I have other priorities. I'm moving in to an apartment with Tim so my cash flow is going elsewhere (which is happening in a week and a half and I really just can't wait).

I've always loved a good road trip, although I've rarely been able to afford more than a Montreal or Toronto weekend. 

The 4 major trips I've been on were to NYC, PEI, Dominican Republic and just recently Cuba. 

NYC has always been my favourite place. I even knew it before I visited. The people, food, art and just overall life of the city is mesmerizing and I would love nothing more than to go back. 

PEI was breathtaking. So incredible to just wake up and walk outside to have your feet sink into the cool sand, and be surrounded by colourful little bits of sea glass and stranded jellyfish swimming too close to the ocean edge. Also there's nothing like a lobster roll on the east coast! 

Dominican was my first resort experience. Although I prefer city trips to resorts it was still so beautiful seeing the big blue ocean and experiencing some Dominican culture and lifestyle. Also stingrays are so cute and friendly!

Cuba was very relaxing, beautiful beaches and pretty decent food considering what everyone says. It was just a girls trip with my sister, mom and I so it was really nice to just get away and lay at the pool with a mojito and a good book! 

What's your favourite place you've travelled thus far? 


Chelsea Alyssa 


  1. I have that dress! I wore it for my engagement party love it so much. You look adorable and I love how you paired it with that jacket.


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