Run Away Pup!

Guys! It finally feels like spring can you believe it!! I had the opportunity to spend the day outside on Monday in the sunny +23 degree weather! Tim and I decided to take my aunts French bulldog mix to Wag Cafe in the Glebe for an afternoon or drinks and pups, but boy was that a mistake. Miss Rosie was not a happy girl, she got very scared jumped out of the off leash area, out of the store and ran 1.5 km down a busy area weaving through traffic. My heart sank, I thought I'd have to make an awful phone call to my aunt explaining to her what happened. Luckily Tim ran after her and a nice couple in an SUV stopped and helped him get Rosie into the car! The moral of the story is, pay attention to your dogs attitude and don't force them into situations where they may panic or act out of line. We'll have to go back to taking Zoey there as she absolutely loves it! 

Where's your favourite place to take your sweet pups? 


Chelsea Alyssa 


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