It's Just a Wave


Montreal is one of my all time favourite cities. From the fashion and arts districts you can find just few blocks away to the incredible restaurants at every corner. With its modern takes on fashion mixed with its vintage European architecture what's not to love! Living in the capital, Montreal is only a short trip away to spend the day or a relaxing weekend, I go about 4 times a year. Usually I go for shopping and eating but this time we went with purpose. 

This was our second time going to Montreal whilst staying at an Airbnb. I have to say this experience was wonderful. You're always gonna get the odd few who doesn't clean the place as nicely as they could but this time was great! It was a spacious and modernly decorated apartment just west of downtown. Airbnb is such a wonderful app, bringing people closer together for usually under $100 a night for an entire apartment! You really can't go wrong! 

I'm sure only those who know me personally can tell you how much I love John Mayer. We scored some great tickets to an unforgettable concert so off we went last weekend down for a three day trip. 

I can say without a doubt, this wasn't just a concert. It was an incredibly moving experience, being able to see the passion and love he has for his work and his partners in the industry. If you're a John Mayer veteran or a new listener, you would have adored his masterpiece. Also he's quite a sight for sore eyes, just an added bonus to a spectacular night! 


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