Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together

Well here we have it! No more hiding behind big coats or sweaters anymore! The most loved and dreaded season is arriving, summer. Now don't get me wrong I absolutely love the freedom of putting on a cute dress and wandering around the market without a care in the world. What's not so cute is what's going on inside and underneath, the pain of thighs scraping together, the inner battle of, I'm not that tall or thin. Do my arms look as thin as hers? Can you see my back fat? These have always been issues I've had to deal with as I've always had such dramatically fluctuating weight. From 175 pounds to 134 in 8 months and now 2 years later and 20 pounds heavier I'm finding it harder to appreciate my body. But does it really matter? I'm healthy, I'm blessed with being attractive, I try to be as kind, attentive and polite as possible. Shouldn't that be what matters more? I'm sick of seeing "guess who's body this is in a bikini", shaming celebrity women as they get older, pregnant or gain or lose weight. Should we not be more focused on how we can better our souls and minds, how we can make a difference in someones life as opposed to if your hips are curvy enough? If your breasts are big enough? If you can squeeze into that size small dress? 

My focus this summer is not how good I can look, but how healthy I can be, mind, body & soul. I hope some or all of you will join me this year! 

So be kind, because no ones gonna remember you for your flat stomach. 


Chelsea Alyssa


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