May Your Coffee Kick in Before Reality Does

These were taken at possibly my new favourite cafe in Montreal. I know Tim has different opinions considering how expensive it was but I didn't care, I absolutely loved it! This little gem is called Tommy and the inside is a dreamy mix of stone, wood and beautiful plants everywhere! 


The menu is quite different than anything I've seen as they offer a wide variety of thick cut toast with lots of different toppings such as avocado and rosemary, fig and ricotta or strawberry and Nutella! I opted for the avocado and rosemary with a fried egg and a delicious decaf latte as I can't have caffeine! 

If opportunity arises I will definitely head back down to Tommy! The decor and atmosphere just screams of how Instagram worthy it is and I'd love to go back for a few more snaps! 

What's your fave cafe in your city? 


Chelsea Alyssa 


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